Effective, proven fabric air duct solutions for HVAC applications.
Hero FabriDuct

Hero Fabric Duct

Fabric ductwork is quieter, cleaner, and more efficient than traditional metal ducts.  Displacement ventilation is used for improved ventilation efficiency and reduced energy costs. The Hero FabriDuct system has improved air diffusion with a modern design that is available in multiple fabric options to match the installation.

  • Made in the USAImproved air quality and reduced energy costs
    Our cloth fabric duct system improves air quality for the health and comfort of building occupants while reducing energy cost.
  • Increased performance and aesthetic appeal
    Hero’s Perma-form Ribs are an added suspension system to retain the inflated form and allows for a smoother startup.
  • Save up to 80% over metal ductwork
    Reduced installation and material costs for fabric ductwork can save up to 80% over metal.
  • 15 Years of quality and integrity
    Hero FabriDuct™ is a proven product with over 15 years of quality and service.